I met Shubham 10 years ago in my first job.

Now we are both founders of a startups.

We have work hard in many different teams developing a lot of applications and expanding

our network to a level that we would had never imagine. 

We are delighed to rejoin to have the opportunity to share with you our experience of networking after 10 years and our vision for 2024.

Abel Bordonado Lillo

CEO of Tianlu Digital Services

Abel Bordonado

Co-Founder of TapOnn

Shubham Karnwal

Networking in 2024

Join us for the "Networking Status of 2024" webinar, where we will delve into the world of networking and explore the latest trends and strategies to supercharge your connections. In this engaging online event, you'll get a chance to hear firsthand experiences from Shubham and Abel, two networking experts, as they share their insights on overcoming common pain points, handling connections effectively, and achieving remarkable results.

Discover how to navigate the world of online marketing tools, conquer shyness in making connections, and find the right events for you. Learn from Shubham and Abel's personal journeys and gain valuable tips to boost your networking game, including the importance of having a mentor.

We'll also explore the networking landscape in 2024, highlighting exciting offline events in India and London, and discussing the global perspective with insights from Europe and China.

Don't miss the selling part of the webinar, where we'll introduce you to innovative tools like TapOnn's Smart networking cards and offer mentoring on IT. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting, this webinar is your key to success in the ever-evolving world of networking. Register now and take your networking skills to the next level!

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Online Webnar


December 3rd

England Time 14:00

Indian Time 19:30